Tap Into the Power Within VIP Day!


Investing in your own well-being is a wonderful thing, and you deserve the sacred gift of your time and development.

Your VIP Day Includes:


  • Three-hour individual, private VIP meeting via Zoom.

  • Two Spiritual Strategy Sessions: one-hour calls to gain insight into your next best steps. We will review the insights you gained in your VIP session and talk about alignment and implementation.

  • BONUS: one week of access to Candy via Voxer -- private voice messaging -- following your VIP day.  Just download the app at the live link above.

I am truly excited to take you into your Akashic Records, help you to release those blocks that are holding you back, and to move you into your next phase of development.


Blessings from above,



  • What we’ll do during your 3-hour Tap Into The Power Within VIP:


  • Open the records and ask your energy field what it needs now and clear out blocks at a soul level, so you can have the freedom to achieve your heart and soul’s desires. Whether it’s who you attract, abundance , life purpose or your ultimate health.

  • Then we’ll create your vision - through a values clarification exercise. We’ll talk about who you are and your identity and where your identity wants to be in order to achieve be, do or create the YOU at the highest vibrational level.

  • Design your sacred soul map - map out your future.

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