Below are testimonials from my clients.

Patricia Raskin

Radio Broadcaster

I have had many many readings in my life at all ages and stages. Candy Hozza is at the top of the line! She not only clearly ”saw” my situations, but was so accurate in her analysis. Her advice was healing, practical and doable. Candy has true gift for healing and for opening the Akashic records and and reading them with amazing accuracy. Most of all, whatever message she has to tell you, she does it with love and hope.

I felt uplifted even though some of what I needed to hear was not easy to revisit.

Candy Hozza has my highest recommendation.

Camila Fandino 

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach

Candy is a gifted, expertly trained intuitive who has the ability to connect with her clients at a deep level to help them uncover their unconscious blocks and heal years worth of pain and trauma in a short time. Her profound understanding of human behavior, combined with her ability to access Akashic records, make her a well-rounded guide through some of life's greatest challenges. Candy, channeling my angels and spiritual guides, has helped me to unlock blocks I've had for decades. Her approach of love, compassion, light, assertiveness and feminine strength have helped me tremendously in my healing journey. Candy is not only well trained and talented, she has the intuition to see what's really underneath the surface and the 'stories' to guide her clients into what really needs to be addressed and healed. She's a wonderful person and a caring soul who is making her mark on the world with every client.

Priscilla Stephan 

Intuitive Wellness Expert

Candy is an incredibly gifted Akashic Records Reader and Intuitive.  She helped me navigate a difficult romantic relationship and the eventual release of it.  She is the REAL DEAL.  She is incredibly accurate, caring and compassionate.  Candy picks up on the nuances of situations and leaves you feeling empowered and excited to move forward with your life.  Plus, she's super fun and her readings, even when they are challenging leave you feeling good about yourself and where you're going.  I can't recommend her services enough.  Don't walk, RUN to her!  

Annette M.

The journey that I experienced thorough Candy’s Akashic Readings is almost like having access to a infinite knowledge. For me, the sessions have been a life transformation process. It helped me to overcome major life obstacles. For me personally, I was finally able to break free of a 15 year loveless marriage despite previous counseling. I was able to move forward in healing my heart and gaining love freely. I recently found love back into my life through self-love. That is what attracted me or opened me up to have a new person in my life to love. It was a relationship that I was hoping for, a companion and partner.The insight and wisdom gained through the readings helped me smile through the tears, and experience joy despite the burdens and trails of my divorce. It helped me to raise my spiritual life lenses and transformed me into a person of hope, self-worth and self-value.I am now comfortable in my home and free of fear that I once felt with a mentally abusive husband. I had found peace again through my work with Candy in the Akashic records. To receive a good night sleep without my mind racing and playing all the old negative tapes is a priceless gift. My old tapes are gone! I now experience Life through positive lenses that keep changing for the better. I am so much more open to receiving life’s rewards! Thank you Candy for channeling the information to give me this through the Akashic Records.

Christine H.
University Professor

Why do we seek psychic advice? To foretell our future? To reflect upon an issue which is troubling us? To find hope in an otherwise depressing world? To guide us as we struggle in a complex world? Which method is best to gain insight and wisdom?If you accept the fact that there might be a spiritual realm which holds a record of all events, actions, thoughts and feelings which have taken place and which are to be taken place, an akashic reading is the way to go.I signed up for an akashic reading with Candice after my husband of 30+ years left me without any tangible explanation. I was devastated and needed support. Meeting with Candice felt like a counseling session and yet it became so much more… Candice has the ability to read your current energies and momentum and she deeply cares about others. She also does not claim to have an answer for everything and constantly reminds us that we have the free will to change the future and that what she conveys through the spirits is not set in stone. We are the masters of our own destiny and it is up to each of us to live and love life to its fullest potential. As an akashic record keeper, Candice will help you learn a great deal about yourself and give your life purpose.

Bobbi E.
Associate VP for Academic Advising & Student Success

I sensed Candy was the ‘real deal’ from the moment I met her at a professional conference. She didn’t have to do any convincing for me to schedule my first-ever records reading with her for that same evening. The Record Keepers provided a strong sense of validation for what I knew and/or suspected had gone on and was continuing to impact me (negatively) in daily life The healing I experienced was marvelous! It’s made a wonderful difference in how I’ve been able to live my life ever since. As soon as I am nudged by my higher self to get another reading, you can bet I’ll be on the phone with Candy.

Penny Z.
Productivity Expert

Candy is a wonderful coach that gives you a really safe place to explore your challenges. Working through this process was a little outside of my comfort zone but I have to say I enjoyed it and got some interesting insights into the actions I was currently taken and what might be a better sequence for me. I highly recommend working with Candy!

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