What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are your soul's records. Everything you've experienced since the creation of your soul is documented in your records. The reading is meant to help you align with your soul's purpose, release blocks and patterns that have been keeping you stuck, and support you in a life of joy!

The Akashic Records provide you with infinite healing opportunities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Receiving guidance on life and business decisions

  • Getting clarity around relationships, life events, your body, etc.

  • Freeing yourself from self-sabotage and damaging patterns

  • Connecting with Source

  • Healing your body from emotional eating, illness, and low vibrations

  • Understanding the lessons in your life and giving you the opportunity to co-create your future

  • Discovering your gifts, talents, and soul’s purpose so you can live life aligned with your truth

  • Healing trauma wounds so you can move on with your life

Services Offered

All programs and readings are 100% Confidential.

Akashic Healing Circle - 1 Hour

Accessing Your Akashic Records Course

Start by booking a Complimentary Discovery Call with Candy.

Akashic Record Reading - 1 Hour

This is a 60-minute channeled reading from your Record Keepers, Angels, and Guides through the voice of Candy.   You will bring specific questions to the readings, we will ask permission from your guides and begin the Reading. This reading is recorded for you.  I like to say that the reading is a Goole search for your questions and my voice is like Siri....(yes I am an Apple girl!)


Included with the reading: A 30-minute Spiritual Strategy session (out of the records) to follow up the progress you have made since the last reading and to evaluate together what is the right next step for you.  

Who this is for:


If you’re a spiritually awakened individual who is searching for a deeper understanding of a situation that’s occurring in your life and you cannot seem to find the answers on your own. An Akashic Record Reading will allow you to tap into the answers you’re seek at a soul level. Whether it’s answers for your purpose, business, career, relationship, finances or health, we’ll access your records to find the answers.


What you may be experiencing right now:


You may feel stuck or confused about a specific situation or issue and no matter what you’ve tried, you cannot seem to figure it out on your own.  It may be a decision you need to make or a concern you have, whatever it is, you know you want support around moving past it.


When I go into your Akashic records I will be working to support you with releasing the blocks around the issues you may be having right now. When we complete the session you may find yourself more focused, clear and able to move forward with more confidence, ease and joy.

How your Akashic Record Reading works and what you’ll receive:


  • 60-minute channeled reading in the Akashic Records (plus the recording) where I’ll go into your records and provide a reading for you.

  • 30-minute Spiritual Strategy Session (out of the Akashic Records) 7-10 days following, to close the loop on your reading and address any follow up questions. 

  • Start by booking a Complimentary Discovery call with Candy.

Awaken Your Intuition for Business Program:

In this program you’ll discover how to use your intuition to make decisions in your business. Instead of questioning your decisions and the direction of your business. You’ll learn how to use your intuition to move your business forward in a way that supports you and the life and business you want to have.


No longer will you question if you’ve made the right investment, hired the right employee or mentor, charged the right prices or doubt if you’re on the right path in your business, in this program you’ll discover how to tap into your intuition, trust it and use it as a tool to develop the business you truly want to have.


Who this is for:


This program is perfect for you if you:


  • Struggle with your business, and it’s not moving forward as you’d like.

  • Keep bumping up against blocks and obstacles that won’t let you move forward

  • Thought you were clear on your direction but, but aren’t quite sure

  • Want to make better investment decisions and trust that they’re right

  • Doubt your decisions and want to learn how to trust that you’re on the right track

  • Want to learn how to make all of your decisions from a place of ease and strength


What you may be experiencing right now:


If you’re a business leader, entrepreneur who wants to get clear on learning how to utilize your intuition to move your business forward and learn to use and trust the superpowers you have within, this is the program for you.


What to expect when you join the Awaken Your Intuition for Business Program:


You’ll discover how to learn to utilize your intuition in your business so that you can connect with your super power to be more efficient, profitable and enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Start by booking a Complimentary Discovery call with Candy.

Sacred Soul Mapping

In this 3 month program we’ll take a deeper dive into working together privately to uncover the blocks that are holding you back so you can have the life, love, health, finances, career or business you truly desire.


If you know that one Akashic Recording Reading isn’t going to be nearly enough, this may be the program for you. We’ll work together to create your SACRED SOUL Map which will allow you to visualize and attract more love, money, life purpose, clarity and direction in your life.


Who this program is for:


  • If you feel blocked, confused or lost in any of the following areas: love, money, career, life purpose or business

  • If you’re committed to transforming one or more areas of your life and don’t know what to do and how to do it

  • If you want to find love (or improve the love you already have)

  • If you want to release the blocks that are keeping you from the joyful, purposeful live you long to have

  • If you know there’s something more for you and want to explore it at a deeper, soul level


What you may be experiencing right now:


Maybe you’re feeling unhappy in your relationship or uncertain of the direction you want to take it. Or you often find yourself wondering if you’re on the right path in one or more areas of your life. Or maybe you’re just tired of coasting through life and finally want to have more riches in all areas of your life.


Whatever you’re experiencing, you know it’s time to explore and get support in one or more  areas of your life and discover what’s possible for you.

What’s Included in this Program:


You may choose one of two levels when you enroll in this program.


SACRED SOUL MAP Program Level One: 

When you enroll in this 3-month program you’ll receive:


  • 3-hour VIP Retreat which includes:

            o 1 hour block release and channeled healing in the Akashic Records

            o 2 additional hours to create your SACRED SOUL Map and vision for your future

  • 3 Individual Akashic Readings (one each month)

  • 2 – Spiritual Strategies sessions


SACRED SOUL MAP Program Level Two: 

When you enroll in this 3-month program you’ll receive:


  • 3-hour VIP Retreat which includes:

            o 1 hour block release and channeled healing in the Akashic Records

            o 2 additional hours to create your SACRED SOUL Map and vision for your future

  • 6 - Individual Akashic Readings (two each month)

  • 2 – Spiritual Strategies sessions

PAY IN FULL BONUS: 6 months of the ELEVATE Program at no charge


3 hour VIP is for people who really value their time and want to get to the bottom of something that’s been bothering them. It either feels like a block and they can’t resolve it on their own. They are looking for a way to get to the other side of what’s blocking them and want more support around it and clarity on how to achieve it.


It may be for you if you’re serving others and wondering how to do that better.

Or maybe it’s because you’re wondering how to make more money and aren’t sure how to do it.

Or maybe it’s because you want to see a change in your personal life and aren’t sure how to get their on your own.


Either way, you need clarity as to how to get there.


I created this because I noticed as I was working with clients through this VIP Experience, they were saying this is life changing. The breakthroughs they gained and the clarity they received gave them just what they needed. This experience gave them movement and momentum. When they saw how it worked and the results it created, I wanted to provide it to others as well as it’s very powerful in helping others break through their blocks.


What the 3 hour VIP Experience is...


  1. Open the records and ask your energy field what it needs now and clear out blocks at a soul level, so you can have the freedom to achieve your heart and soul’s desires. Whether it’s who you attract, abundance , life purpose or your ultimate health.

  2. Then we’ll create your vision - through a values clarification exercise. We’ll talk about who you are and your identity and where your identity wants to be in order to achieve be, do or create the YOU at the highest vibrational level.

  3. Design your sacred soul map - this is the map of your future.


We can look at your career, spiritual growth, relationship or business.


Includes two additional one hour calls to spiritually strategize what’s in alignment for you next.


Voxer access for a full 30 days to ask additional questions and get support

Live Speaking - Access Your Inner Voice

Akashic Record Reading Experience

What to know DURING:

When you come on to the call, we will ground first. To be able to receive the information you need, you must be fully present, in your body, and open to the experience. It is ok to feel nervous. However, resistance in the form of “let me see what she’s got,” “is this going to work,” and “I am not sure this information is true” will block your ability to fully receive what you need.


I will ask your permission to open your Records and then there will be a brief pause. As your Records open you may feel pressure around the different parts of your head. Again you are fine, that is just your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra opening up. Having a reading requires trust and faith in yourself and in the process.


Throughout the reading, I will be checking-in with you to make sure the information you receive is resonating for you, to ensure you understand the information you are hearing, and to help you release any resistance that may come up unconsciously. I will ask you if you want to go deeper into any topic. Remember you always have free will to choose how deep you want to go.


Lastly, you may feel energy move through your body or feel a build up of energy in a particular part of your body. This is normal. It is your body letting you know where energy is stuck or blocked. That energy may make you feel uncomfortable, at first, but I will help you move through it in session.


What to know AFTER:

Large energetic shifts occur during a reading. Sometimes, energy continues to shift for days and weeks to come. This is normal. Your energetic field is adjusting and resettling itself. Please allow yourself time afterwards to reorient to your body. Some clients do not feel anything and that is ok, too. If you feel overwhelmed, drink water and take a walk to move through the energy.


If you feel tired, by all means rest. Lots of energy has been released and the physical body just needs to recalibrate. This is normal. If you feel nauseous or have headache, set the intention that the energy be released with love and grace, in the easiest breeziest way. For those who have physical symptoms, there is resistance to releasing or questioning is occurring. I ask you again to trust that your higher self is supporting you.


In the past clients have manifested a healing crisis that is unnecessary because they needed proof something happened. Know something has shifted and be at peace.


© 2017 by Akashic Record Readings

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