Heal Your Love Story

Deep down in your soul you have a desire to experience lasting love, intimacy, connectedness, and the ability to trust yourself and your partner again in a relationship. However, right now, these all feel like impossible fantasies.



In this program, you will travel a journey to reclaim yourself and to heal your love story so that you can feel:


  • Whole

  • Vibrant

  • Experience love for self again

  • Sexy in body

  • Excited about creating a new future for themselves and eventually with a partner that is a good fit for them

  • Hopeful about having a love affair with a new mate or existing mate

  • Strong, and feel whole, confident to love again

  • Reclaim themselves and feel empowered in their lives.


This program is designed to help you reclaim love on a BODY, SOUL and MIND level.


  • Establish Sacred rituals

  • Identify Top 5 Limiting Beliefs about their Love Story

  • Reunite the fire within

  • Reclaim your luxurious, flowy, and feminine self. Reclaiming the Goddess within

  • Create destination map for their future in the areas of Love/Relationship; Career/Finance; Spiritualty and Health.


Who is the ideal person for this program?


Women late 30’s or older who are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship and feel like they need to reclaim or reestablish this area of their life.




1 - 3 Hour VIP Day

3 - 60 minute Akashic Readings

1 - Neuro Linguistic Programming sessions

3 - Integration Sessions

1 - 90 minute VIP closing

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