Clear Insights for High Performing Women
Program Description

This 6 month program is for high performing women 

who want to learn how to make more abundant and focused 

decisions from the wisdom of their souls.

Clear Insights for High Performing Women is perfect for you if:

● YOU WANT TO CREATE MORE TIME AND FREEDOM  in your life and business.
● You need  MORE SUPPORT  with making quick and abundant decisions.
● You want to  LEVERAGE YOUR TIME  and maximize your income to reach multiple 6 figures or cross 7 figures.
● You want to learn how to make strategic personal investments in your business for your own  PERSONAL

 GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT  and to assist those you lead with their development and mission.
● You have multiple people on your team and need someone as  ON-GOING SUPPORT  to help you make quick, efficient and insightful decisions from a soul level.
● You sometimes find yourself questioning the direction of your business and sense that you need  MORE INSIGHT  to get to your deeper purpose and desired income.
● Your business feels like it is moving in another direction and you need  CLEAR INSIGHTS  as to the “How” to 

achieve the next level of success and productivity.
● You have been feeling like  YOU NEED MORE SUPPORT  and while you have a team in place your soul is seeking 

more almost like a knock on the “heart”.
● You SOMETIMES FEEL BLOCKED  or get in your own way. You have a lot resting on your shoulders and need clarity 
to move forward in your business and life.
● YOU ARE SEEKING  a solution at a soul level but you are not quite sure what that is.
● You would like MORE CONTROL AND CERTAINTY  in your business and life.
● You would like a DEEPER CONNECTION TO YOUR “SPIRIT SELF ” and believe that this will lead to connecting to 

your infinite inner wisdom.
● If you are a high performing, heart-centered business owner and CHANGE MAKER who knows you are ready to

 grow, lead and thrive then this program is for you.
● Your intuition is awakened and you want to learn more and tap into your own power within and utilize that in

 your business.


● Highly developed concepts to utilize in your business to move your life and business forward while achieving more FREEDOM and TIME.
● RELEASE BLOCKS that are keeping you stuck from achieving your ultimate goals
● How to make decisions by asking specific targeted questions from your soul’s records that will lead you to expediential growth in all areas of your life and business.
● Highly developed concepts designed to help align you with you greater goals, purpose and ultimate abundance.
● How to make changes in your life and business from a deeper soul level, while connecting to your own

inner wisdom.
● How to lead your life and business into a new direction of aligned growth and efficiency, while creating more financial freedom through the clarity and insights provided in this program.
● A connected community of like-minded women 

In this 6 month program you will receive:

● 6 Monthly Private Akashic Record Readings  to connect you with your inner wisdom while receiving insights from your soul to move your business forward.
● 6 Monthly Group Healing Circles  to provide more insights and release blocks that will clear the way to more FREEDOM, clarity, time and abundance in your business and life ( Plus recordings of the calls ).
●  6 Monthly Personal and Business Development Group Training Calls  to create a more efficient business so you can perform and understand what is going on with the current challenges that you are having and create further alignment with your life and business.
● A Private Clear Insights Facebook Group  for connection, community and support for like minded women entrepreneurs who can share growth strategies and insights.


Say YES! -- to you.

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