How I Became an Akashic Reader.


First and foremost I would like to welcome you.  I believe that all interactions are meant to be in our lives and I am grateful that we have joined paths.  


I started connecting with my angels in 1996.  I had developed arthritis in my foot and one day it was so challenging that I could not walk and was forced to stay home from work.  I clicked on a day time TV show lady was talking about connecting to your angels. She had written a book and said everyone could connect. It was a very interesting show.  I immediatly bought her book.  I instantly connect to this way of "talking" with the energy of truth and love.  In the midst of this process my mother became very ill and passed away.  My angels were very helpful with information and were a great comfort to me.  I kept a logue of my reading with them which involved me asking a question in my "minds eye" and  auditorily hearing answers.   I subsequently recorded their answers on a dated journal.  As time went on I gained even more confidence in hearing what they were saying as I had documented records of hearing and seeing life unfold with our communications.


In 2011 I was  introduced to the Akashic Records  while I was being coached.   It was so exciting to learn how to utilize this powerful energy to make shifts happen in my life.  I was in a difficult relationship. I could not seems to transition a relationship I was in and it was going on 10 years!  I was having some financial issues.  I set an intention during my 3 months of coaching to heal that relationship and to double my income.  I was able to healthy move out of that relationship and end it while remaining friends.  I also doubled my income. 


After these three months I wanted to have this connection with my Record Keeper (we are all assigned Record Keepers at the inception of the creation of our soul).  I took classes and became certified to connect to my Record Keeper.   After 6 months I again wanted more.  I learned how to create intentions and heal myself while in the records. I made successful transitions and started to trust the power of working in the Akashic Records.


The very first time I opened my records, I was told by my Record Keepers that I would "read" for others.  At first I didn't want to accept this path. I felt anxious about the responsibility that they were giving me.  They assured me that they would support me and that this gift was so needed to be shared in the world.  I practiced for 6 months before I was certified and confident to do my first reading with a client. I am so grateful to see  my clients heal and the personal joys that they received from their healing in the records.    I am grateful that I committed to this journey and feel so blessed to serve my clients in healing and being powerful creators of their lives that they so deserve. Many blessing to you all on our journey.  


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