9 am - 5 pm

A 2-day live event

for high performing business owners!


Bristol Harbor Inn, Bristol, RI


Your business has a voice and its own identity -- do you know what it's saying?


Are you a coach, entrepreneur or business owner who is feeling like you've lost your motivation or unsure of the direction you want to take your business? 


Maybe you’re thinking:

  • “I don’t know what’s going on, I think something is off.”

  • Or “I have a constant feeling of - am I on the right path?”

  • Is your business asking more of you than you can give?

  • Are you feeling frazzled?  Feeling blocked?

  • Have you lost the true essence of YOU in your business?

  • Feel like you're going 100 miles per hour but getting 30-MPH results?

You've come to the right place! 


I'm hosting a high level event for business owners -- to help you get back into alignment with your business and vision for yourself.

For some of us our blocks get bigger the more successful we get. With so much to lose, making decisions -- even the smallest of them -- can feel hard and risky.

One reason your business feels off track is because something is out of alignment.

We are going to introduce you to the energy of your business -- the voice of your business. We will point the way toward aligning your energy with that of your business.

Join me to move from stuck to flow, from blocked to clarity. Let’s stop this downward spiral.  


If you know you're in, grab your ticket now! Tickets are limited.



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At this 2-day event designed specifically for high-performing business owners, you will:

  • Release the things that are keeping you stuck and define what your desires and wishes really are.

  • Learn how to move beyond your old blocks that have been following you through life and business. 

  • Learn to listen for your inner voice.

  • Discover how to align your business to your soul's purpose.

  • Get unstuck and eliminate the things that are no longer supporting your highest and best self by looking at the database of your soul.

  • Connect you with your top 5 values in your unconscious mind, so that your unconscious mind and your conscious mind will start moving forward together as you make decisions in your business based on those values.

  • Learn how to feel, how to hear, or how to see with your intuition.

  • Plan your next steps for alignment so that you can get into action.

  • Leave with a 90-day plan of action -- a beautiful map to hang where you can see it daily and connect to your vision.

  • Get the momentum you've been searching for.

  • Chart a path to become more, by looking at the truth that lives inside of you.

  • Break through to a new, aligned YOU!

Space is limited.

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Tickets will increase to $347, so reserve your $297 early bird seat today!


You will leave with everything you need to be doing to align yourself to your business so you can get back in flow and continue to develop the profitable, meaningful business you most desire.


Once you say yes to the outcome you're seeking, the results will start to align and the 'yes' will activate the desired outcome.


Energy is the missing piece for the high performance business owner. 

Aligning energy is the missing piece for achieving flow and direction in a high performing business.

This is for you if:

  • You’re successful, you’ve done well, but you're just not feeling in flow.

  • You’ve been in business for a year or more.

  • Your work is getting harder, not easier.

  • You have gnawing doubts.

  • It’s hard to make decisions.

  • You're feeling blocked and unable to move forward.

  • Money is not flowing and it's causing concern.

  • You're feeling energetically depleted and aren't sure why.

  • You’ve lost your drive and inspiration.

  • Your business feels like it's taking energy from you, but not giving you the freedom you crave.



Two of my top level clients had this to say: 

“Although we've always found work around the area of energy and spirits to be intriguing and felt there could be some truth behind it, never in our wildest imaginations did we think we would turn to this work for guidance and direction - particularly for our business.

We were lost.  We were working on our brand and our messaging and while we believed we had direction, everything we came up with simply did not resonate.  And the harder we tried, the worse it got. We were digging ourselves into a hole and our mindset was following. While trying to appeal to a particular audience, we were sacrificing our true essence.  Our message was out of alignment with who we are. Candy sensed this.


Our first meeting with Candy left us uplifted and hopeful - she had stopped the downward spiral. The process continued and was truly amazing. It was fun, stimulating and entertaining (as Candy always is) and we gained insights, awareness and, most importantly, much needed clarity.

We never imagined that our business could have an energy, but it did, and it does.  Once we connected with that energy - and it is real - we were empowered to stand in our true essence, our truth. Candy has a genuine interest in seeing us succeed and we now won't hesitate to turn to her again.  She will be our go-to person when we encounter future roadblocks.”   

~ Bill and Judy


When you are stuck, your energy diminishes. This event will get your energy back. At this stage in your business you have grown and evolved -- but something in your business has not grown and changed with you.

At this event we will get you into action!


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Tickets will increase to $347, so reserve your $297 early bird seat today!


  • Connect to your intuition and get back into flow.  See, hear, and experience connecting with something that you've always had.  This piece will help you stay in alignment and flow after the event.

  • There will be lots of directed self-reflection time to discover what is holding you back, so that we can start "peeling the onion" and shedding the layers of energy that no longer serve your outcome.

  • Get a 90-day action plan to hang in your office, and each and every day for the next 90 days, connect with the energy to stay in flow and stay in alignment with the energy of your business. Stay in touch with your objectives. Move into the freedom and joy that you are seeking.

We will identify and begin all of these actions that will start moving your energy into alignment with the energy of your business. Space is limited to allow this deep work.

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Tickets will increase to $347, so reserve your $297 early bird seat today!


I welcome your questions! Please feel free to email my team at: info@sacredsoulmap.com


 You will:

  • Explore what's holding you back, and release those blocks.

  • Get clarity on your top five values ~ important to know so that you can make the highest and best decisions for you and your business.

  • Reconnect you with your compelling why -- the pulse of your business. Reconnecting with the pulse of your business adjusts the rhythm of you and your business to perform at a level that is in sync, in flow, and creating clear decisions.

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