Align Your Business

Let's look at the energy of your business!

Feeling misaligned with your business? Is it taking something out of you, as opposed to supporting you, bringing you joy and abundance while living in flow? Maybe you feel depleted, you don't feel like it's financially supporting you, you don't feel in flow.


There is a distinct energy field for you and for your business. The energy field of you, and the energy field of your business, overlap.  Sometimes when your business takes a lot out of you, it too feels incomplete in what it wants.

Businesses also have their own energy! You may not be in union with your business. There's an ebb and a flow, a rhyme and a rhythm to business, and when we feel out of rhythm, that's when we know we need help.


My Align Your Business program does just that! I help business owners to see them and their business at their highest potential.  In these sessions, I pull out from entrepreneurs what they want from their business. So if you’re feeling stuck about making decisions -- or  you can’t decide which direction to go -- let’s talk.


This is for you if:

  • You are exhausted.

  • You feel like you’re losing yourself.

  • You're having challenges making decisions.

  • Life doesn't feel like it's in flow.

  • You might just feel like something is off.

  • It’s difficult to make a distinction between your business and yourself.


I want to help business owners to remember that who they are in their business is not WHO they are, and to be able to define a distinction between what their business wants and needs, and what they want and need from their business.

You can expect to:

  • Feel refreshed,

  • stimulated,

  • motivated again.  

  • Be excited, clear, and aligned.

You will receive:

Two 1.5-hour sessions where we will do two intentional readings:

  • First, we're going to read what YOU need from your business. What energy needs to align in order for you to have a more intimate connection with your business.  To be in alignment, to flow, to get clear insight about what you need out of your business . Then we will release blocks in this session and bring you back into flow.

  • Next, we will ask the energy of your business what IT wants, how it can support you and your life, and what is the purpose of the business. Then we will clear out blocks, bring the two energy circles of you and the business back into partnership -- so that you can fulfill your life's purpose with your business, create more flow, and energetically align.


  • BONUS: One 1-hour follow up session with 30 minutes in the records, and 30 minutes of discovery -- exploring your next best steps.

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